Secure Messaging App for Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staff

Finally there is one simple and organized secure messaging app for all your patient care communications. Communicate like never before with QUARC – the platform that replaces SMS, pagers, faxes, notepads and phone calls with one device.

Take a quantum leap in patient centered care.

QUARC enables patient centered care like no other software. No more dropped communications and the resulting medical errors, especially during shift change. QUARC knows who to send messages and when, and routes them accordingly with automated escalations when needed.

Doctor Patient Communication

Once assignments are made, our patented routing and escalation ensures that each message is sent to the correct individual.  QUARC’s customizable time frames ensure better doctor patient communication.

QUARC also auto-addresses conversations, identifies distinct message priorities for issue triaging, records read receipts, and enables “Quick Response” buttons for easy reply.

Communication in Nursing. A Case Brief.

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital (HCMH) in Elkin, NC is an 81-bed community hospital, which has won numerous national awards for Quality and Patient Safety. It is also one of the most technologically advanced hospitals for its size – having achieved HIMSS Level 6 Status and being named one of the “Most Wired” hospitals in the country by H&HN magazine.

Clinical administrators at Hugh Chatham were excited to improve communication in nursing and unify all clinicians and support staff on QUARC’s communication platform. While HCMH had an efficient baseline length of stay metric (under 3.5 days across all DRGs), the organization believed Case Managers could utilize QUARC to better coordinate care for discharge processes.  After implementation, Hugh Chatham was able to speed the discharge process up across all surgical and obstetrical cases. HCMH also realized savings around medical conditions not involving infections or cardiac diagnoses. Download the infographic below to learn more about Hugh Chatham’s wins with QUARC.

ROI Calculator

Pre- and post-interventional studies have demonstrated that QUARC can improve patient centered care by improving patient experience, length of stay, patient safety, and information security risk. Use our ROI calculator to see how it works.

Want to improve patient experience?

Check out QUARC.

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