Preventable medical errors during handoff.


of all patient handoffs lead to preventable medical errors

*Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare (JCCTH)


of malpractice claims were related to inaccurate or incomplete handoffs.

*Journal of Advanced Nursing


of handoffs are responsible for breakdowns in communication.

*Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)


of clinical learning environments don’t have a standard handoff process.

*Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

Root cause analysis.

Root cause analysis shows that handoff best practices are difficult to sustain.

With QUARC, MEDarchon has perfected the digital handoff process. Now you can have real-time clinical information to support handoff best practices and reduce preventable medical errors.

Culture of safety.

Lots of human effort at hospitals goes into promoting a culture of safety. QUARC can help.

The current “gold standard” for patient handoff is oral handoff at the bedside, utilizing a mnemonic based checklist (e.g. SBAR, i-PASS, etc.).

Unfortunately, these checklists are fairly rigid and do not take into account patient or clinician context. Clinicians do not always honor the process, which leads to preventable medical errors.

QUARC delivers a culture of safety by giving you ‘handoff in a pocket’. At a glance you have the patient’s location, medication information, care team collaboration messages, issue escalations and much more.

Intelligent Clinical Summary

Your Health Advocate

QUARC serves as the patient’s digital health advocate by facilitating evidenced based decision making.

QUARC’s Intelligent Clinical Summary, accessed any time, anywhere to support evidenced-based decision making. Learn more about QUARC’s handoff and health advocate design by downloading MEDarchon’s infographics from the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) annual meeting.

Our Intelligent Clinical Summary can help reduce preventable medical errors.

ROI Calculator

Pre- and post-interventional studies have demonstrated that QUARC can help reduce preventable medical errors by improving culture of safety, root cause analysis and more. Use our ROI calculator to see how it works.

QUARC helps lower preventable medical errors.

Check out QUARC.

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