Patient safety comes first with QUARC.

Your team is constantly evaluated on patient safety, medication safety, patient experience and more.

When it comes to patient safety, no other app compares to QUARC. It carries a full range of customizable features for patient information, messaging, routing, issue escalation, reminders and more.

Each member of your hospital care team can literally carry a full library of patient information, change history, message history and more in their pocket.

Patient safety features.

  • Patient information
  • Changes in condition, medication, treatments
  • Real time messaging among the care team
  • Customizable issue escalation

Patient experience.

The average patient experience at your hospital will improve with QUARC. Patient-centric secure messaging tied to the patient’s record puts location, demographics, medication, history and more at your fingertips.

QUARC’s patient-specific logs summarize important messages to keep all care team members accurately up-to-date.

Patient Safety – Zero Falls Environment.

Lane Regional Medical Center (LRMC) is an award-winning, 139-bed hospital serving North Baton Rouge, LA. As with most hospitals, Lane Regional sought to better patient safety by achieving a zero falls environment. LRMC believed communication breakdowns may have been playing a role in patient falls, and turned to QUARC’s Analytics and Messaging Logs to better understand why falls happen and how to prevent them.

Through this investigation, LRMC discovered that patients at “fall risk” had needs that were not being handled in a timely manner. This led to patients attempting to handle things themselves – ultimately increasing their fall risk. As a result, QUARC now routes messages pertaining to a fall-risk patient’s needs to multiple individuals and escalates messages faster to ensure help arrives at the room quickly. Download the infographic below to learn more about Lane’s success with QUARC.

ROI Calculator

Pre- and post-interventional studies have demonstrated that QUARC can improve patient centered care by improving patient experience, length of stay, patient safety, and information security risk. Use our ROI calculator to see how it works.

Want to improve patient experience?

Check out QUARC.

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