Issue Escalation and Routing

QUARC prioritizes alerts for you.

Message routing and issue escalation are easy with QUARC. QUARC knows if a patient issue needs to be handled STAT, As soon As Possible (ASAP), or At Your Convenience (AYC). If something needs to be handled STAT, a specific ringtone and vibration pattern will alert the provider to the urgent event.

QUARC knows what to do with rapid response, emergency, hospital code blue and all other medical situations. It fully automates message routing and records responses and times as it works.

QUARC is fully customizable. Providers can turn on “Do Not Disturb” if they are unavailable. 

QUARC Knows Your Hospital Codes

Hospital code blue, rapid response and an emergency are all easily distinguished by QUARC.

Unnecessary interruptions reduce your efficiency and lead to burnout. In an era where clinician shortages and reimbursement changes demand getting the most out of each provider. More importantly, misguided issue escalation interrupts clinicians while preparing or administering medications and is a leading cause of medication-related errors.

Know Where You Stand at All Times

QUARC reforms issue escalation and eliminates unnecessary interruptions to clinical workflows:

  • Issue library reduces alert fatigue by auto-assigning message priority levels (STAT, ASAP, AYC, FYI)
  • Priority-specific ringtones and vibration patterns are customizable for hospital codes, so clinicians know exactly what’s happening
  • Users may choose from an array of “Preferences” to control when and how they receive notifications

Want to improve patient experience?

Check out QUARC.

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