Clinical Analytics

Know where you stand, and what it means.

QUARC’s clinical analytics features reveal the meaning of your care team data.

Famous management consultant Peter Drucker coined the phrase “you can only manage what you can measure.” At almost every hospital, clinical leaders identify communication as one of the most important activities for patient outcomes, yet few have any analytical insights into communication and care coordination activities across their organization.

With QUARC you have actionable data information at your fingertips.

The image above represents communication activity, depicted as a graph, detailing the frequency and type of messages sent about a selected patient. Below the graph, messages pertaining to the selected patient are summed by priority and benchmarked – showing how message volume for this patient compares to message volumes of other patients at your facility.

Outcomes Improvement.

Both you and MEDarchon are focused on clinical interoperability.

MEDarchon believes communication and care coordination data are equally as important as traditional data forms to understanding and forecasting outcomes improvement in both the inpatient and outpatient setting.

Help healthcare IT stay on top of data analysis.

QUARC gathers and analyzes care team communication and care coordination data. Hospital administrators and healthcare IT professionals appreciate the power  of this data to help improve HIPAA and quality scores.

The image above depicts QUARC’s ability to gather data specific to a certain user within your organization. “Communication Activity” graphs a user’s message frequency over time. The panels below (“Messages Sent to Provider”, “Messages Provider Received (Viewed)”, and “Messages Sent from Provider”) analyze a user’s communication activity by message priority, benchmarking this activity to other users in the same role at your organization.

Outcomes Improvement: Analytics & Messaging Logs

Lane Regional Medical Center (LRMC) is an award-winning, 139-bed hospital serving North Baton Rouge, LA. As with most hospitals, Lane Regional sought outcomes improvement by achieving a zero falls environment. LRMC believed communication breakdowns may have been playing a role in patient falls, and turned to QUARC’s clinical analytics to better understand why falls happen and how to prevent them.

Using QUARC’s Analytics and Messaging Logs, LRMC discovered that patients at “fall risk” had needs that were not being handled in a timely manner. This led to patients attempting to handle things themselves – ultimately increasing their fall risk. As a result, QUARC now routes messages pertaining to a fall-risk patient’s needs to multiple individuals and escalates messages faster to ensure help arrives at the room quickly. Download the Infographic below to learn more about Lane’s success with QUARC.

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