At MEDarchon, nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of our clients. Our Client Services team is comprised of professionals with both clinical and technical expertise to guide all aspects of the QUARC implementation process. We also work closely with all clinical teams to configure QUARC and customize training and roll-out plans based on the needs and workflows specific to your organization.

We have designed the implementation process using a proven methodology that ensures success.

Phase 1 – Project Readiness

Phase 2 – Installation and Configuration

Phase 3 – System Testing and Workflow Configuration

Phase 4 – Training and Roll-Out

Once QUARC is live, MEDarchon maintains regular communication with our client teams, while providing FAQs, an intuitive support tool, skilled technicians, and product feedback sessions.


MEDarchon’s seasoned trainers will come on-site to introduce your staff to all QUARC’s features and functionality. In addition to our standard user guides, we provide a host of training materials including: cheat sheets, quick guides, and video tutorials. Most importantly, in-person training and at-the-elbow support will be customized for your organization’s unique workflows. Our trainers are also available to conduct remote training sessions, as needed.

Maintenance and Support

When you need support, we will be here. At MEDarchon we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to addressing client requests and receiving feedback. Once QUARC is live at your organization, we remain accessible so you can expect a timely response.

•  Server Maintenance and Monitoring – The proper maintenance, health, and performance of QUARC’s servers is imperative to everyone’s success. For our on-premise installations, MEDarchon provides detailed server maintenance and monitoring recommendations to help ensure peak performance. We also offer HIPAA compliant cloud hosting in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

•  Remote Support – We provide all clients with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to ease concerns and set expectations around support processes. We believe in frequent communication and transparency, especially when addressing support requests.

•  Personal Service – Post Go-Live, MEDarchon representatives and technicians remain easily accessible and provide an unparalled level of responsiveness.

•  Client Engagement – We work to continually improve QUARC by incorporating client feedback. Tell us what you’re thinking. We’re listening.


QUARC supports standard HL7 2.x integrations utilizing ADT, ORU, and other feeds to access and maintain accurate, timely patient-centric data.

Due to our use of HL7 standards, QUARC is able to integrate with all major EMRs via the following services to provide real-time patient data – enhancing clinical communications.

QUARC integrates with your organization’s Active Directory – utilizing it to maintain user access and permissions to the QUARC application.

Wireless Network Assessment

Before Go-Live, we recommend and can provide a thorough assessment of your organization’s current Wi-Fi network. With the growing importance of a robust network infrastructure, your network’s components such as signal strength, signal interference, and access points are critical to the successful use of wireless tools within a health system.

MEDarchon understands the challenge of ensuring dependable wireless connections throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities. Based upon the findings of the assessment, we can identify a clear picture of your wireless environment, assess implementation readiness, and address potential connectivity issues before they become a problem – optimizing a strategy for QUARC’s implementation.

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