QUARC was created because traditional healthcare communications can be painful – if not dangerous. At best, traditional communication systems lead to inefficiencies and end user frustration. At worst, the systems create communication silos and can cause patient harm.

House everything in one place.

QUARC brings together everything from secure messaging to Patient Handoff and more. It’s your communication lifeline, in one place that’s easy to understand.

Know where you are, and how you can improve.

QUARC Analytics includes patient communication transcripts, a patient-specific Digest, Six-Sigma benchmarking, HIPAA audit logs, and more to help establish baselines and focus performance improvement efforts.

Quarc Analytics Features

  • Case management insights
  • Patient communication analytics
  • Visualization of communication patterns
  • Unit and organizational communication health assessments
  • Utilized to improve:
    • Response times
    • Patient outcomes
    • Communication workflows

Stay up-to-date.

QUARC automatically categorizes your messages based on priority. From direct messages, STAT messages, and patients following up with questions regarding medication – we’ll prioritize the information so you can provide the best possible care.

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The platform that's putting patients first.

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