Video: See QUARC in action!

Designed by hospital professionals specifically for care team collaboration, QUARC helps reduce care team stress and medical errors.

Podcasts: The Voice of Healthcare

Using voice technology in healthcare c0mmunications

with Dr. Matt Cybulsky, Founder of Ionia Healthcare Consulting

Using AI to Reduce EMR Burnout

Nathan Gunn, MD COO of Suki speaks with host Dr. Matt Cybulsky and Reid Maclellan MD (Boston Children’s Hospital) about Sutter Health’s AI tool and the related reduction of EMR burden and burnout.


Mayo Clinic & Voice Technology

The team from Mayo Clinic joins co-hosts Bradley Metrock (CEO, Score Publishing) and Dr. Matt Cybulsky to discuss The Alexa Conference, Mayo Clinic’s approach to voice, and the organization’s success with Alexa.

Dr. Matt Cybulsky

Reducing Length of Stays

Healthcare today continues to shift from traditional fee for service to value-based delivery models. Healthcare consolidation also continues throughout the United States with goals to decrease costs, increase accessibility for patients, improve outcomes and quality. The shift has required a more patient-centric, data driven approach and a healthcare system focused on prevention and disease management.

What further complicates this or rather, acts as a key driver for this change is…the “silver tsunami”.

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Stress Busting Tools for Hospitals

Nurse and Physician Burnout

The United States is in the middle of a physician and nurse burnout crisis. Our article “Stress Busting for Hospital Care Teams” describes how an intelligent, patient centric, clinical communication platform can address physician and nurse burnout.

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