The experienced technology and healthcare professional stakeholders at MEDarchon present QUARC, a next generation solution for HIPAA secure messaging and comprehensive clinical communications.

BEST-IN-CLASS Comprehensive Communication SOLUTION


Introducing a secure messaging solution that extends beyond HIPAA and NIST compliance to provide:


QUARC is a Web-portal and Smartphone application that significantly improves the process of clinical communication. Currently, communication breakdowns cause 60-70% of the 450,000 fatal medical errors that occur each year in the U.S.A. What’€™s more, the available paging solutions feed into this problem as 1 in 7 pages is sent to the wrong individual, and over 30% of pages go unanswered within 15 minutes of being sent.

To combat this issue, QUARC uses its message prioritization and routing technology to ensure that a message is not only delivered to the appropriate individual, but also that it is acted on in an appropriate length of time. QUARC also includes an advanced analytics suite, designed to identify outlier cases and predict if and when a medical error is likely to happen. Through the use of MEDarchon’€™s QUARC system, you will create an environment of: fewer interruptions, fewer errors, enhanced communication, enhanced workflow, and lower data risk.

KEY FEATURES (Security Stakeholder):

QUARC not only complies with all HIPAA and HITECH regulation requirements, but provides best-in-class security through the following features:

  1. Encrypts all intra and inter-system transmissions via AES 256 bit encryption.
  2. Encrypts MSSQL backend databases using transparent data encryption.
  3. Streams data on demand, while no data persists on the mobile devices.
  4. Enables real-time connection, while maintaining data integrity with Web socket connection through RabbitMQ library.
  5. Ease of user €œSettings€ management by integrating with single-sign-on solutions.
  6. Provides meaningful usability that drives efficiency and patient safety, while generating ROI.

KEY FEATURES (Quality Stakeholder):

QUARC not only complies with all HIPAA and HITECH regulation requirements, but also provides best-in-class quality improvement through the following features:

  1. Achieves quality and safety endpoints without requiring new clinician workflows.
  2. Engages all members of care team in meaningful conversations prevents breakdowns in communication.
  3. Improves response time through issue routing and message prioritization.
  4. Increases care documentation€“ limits liability.
  5. Enhances inpatient and outpatient coordination of care with conversation digest and patient handoff tools.
  6. Promotes patient identification through a patient-centric user interface.
  7. Reinforces reliability/ patient safety culture.
  8. Satisfies stakeholder needs with best-in-class security architecture and verifiable ROI
  9. Supports HCAHPS initiatives to improve patient satisfaction

KEY FEATURES (Chief Medical Information Officer/Chief Information Officer):

QUARC not only complies with all HIPAA and HITECH regulation requirements, but employs the following:

  1. Provides clinicians with the communication tool they want while maintaining absolute security€“ uses SSL communications and transparent data encryption without data persisting on the local device.
  2. Supports bring your own device (BYOD) platform without need for MDM eliminates need for extra expense.
  3. Prevents unnecessary disruptions to clinical workflows caused by current communication systems.
  4. Enables quality improvement and patient safety through advanced analytics.
  5. Increases care documentation to limit liability through integrations with other information management systems.
  6. Captures ROI through efficiency, care coordination and safety gains.

KEY FEATURES (Chief Financial Officer):

QUARC not only enhances compliance with HIPAA and HITECH, but also extends to cut the rising cost of healthcare through the following key features:

  1. Provides one solution to comply with HIPAA and HITECH Acts.
  2. Offers a pager replacement solution eliminates need for pager infrastructure, subscription, and multiple devices.
  3. Supports bring your own device (BYOD) platform eliminates need to purchase communication hardware.
  4. Links into hospital’€™s existing data plan and security system.
  5. Prioritizes message urgency ensures labor and time are spent more efficiently.
  6. Lowers errors and interruptions.
  7. Expedites communication/Improves coordination among staff members decreases patient’€™s length of stay.
  8. Increases staff satisfaction€“ higher staff retention and lower recruiting costs.