About Us

MEDarchon was founded in 2012 with a mission to improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical paging and messaging systems. Early on, we conceptualized secure medical paging and messaging systems to replace traditional doctor and nurse pagers and have partnered with industry thought leaders to create a first-in-class product.

About Us


Patients can trust that MEDarchon’s products will enable superior care. Providers can rely on MEDarchon to develop high performance products that consistently deliver what they promise and keep patient information secure. MEDarchon has built a team that thrives on collaboration and works together to deliver “game changing” healthcare solutions.



MEDarchon uses its ability to understand problems, capacity to creatively and meaningfully innovate, drive for continuous improvement and flexibility to a changing landscape to consistently provide first in class solutions that fulfill its mission.


Stakeholder Driven

MEDarchon understands the demands and constraints of its various stakeholders, including: patients, physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, other healthcare providers, and shareholders.

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